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About The Author

Some things in life just stick with you, change you. It may be a certain place, or a thing, or a time, - or maybe just the people you’re thrown in with. For me, it was all of these packed together, in one tight iron-hard ball, when I learned how to fly freight in the Beech 18. Those years laid a deep and solid foundation. All taught in the Twin Beech, or as we called her, with the dearest of affection – The 18. Resting upon that foundation, followed flying turbo-props and jets, full loads of trusting passengers, and all the stormy nights since.

Scott H. Gloodt
Author and Airline Pilot

This book is not about me. Some parts are, but its purpose is not about me. It’s about all of us. It’s about pilots. Yes, it features the Beech 18, but every pilot loves their airplane. And every pilot loves to share the sky. So just as my Dad proudly took me flying in a single engine Cessna 150 when I was a boy, so too, come fly along. The sky is not the limit, it’s just the start. 

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